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How do I become a member of the Guitar School?

Please see the following guide to understand how the guitar school works, how to become a member, where to find the guitar tabs etc... Please follow this link :


I am already registered user and  would like to get the  membership, what should I do?

To get your membership as a registered user (or if your membership expired and you would like to renew it) please follow these steps :          



Do you accept  payments in U.S. Dollars ?

Yes, apart from the payments in  Euros we also accept  payments in U.S. Dollars. You can switch between both currencies at the top-right  corner of the screen next to the "login" button. 

How many songs will I learn through your guitar school website?

There isn't a final number of arrangements available as I keep constantly adding new songs to my YouTube channel (youtube.com/soymartino). As I add new videos to the channel I will also keep adding the video lessons for said video to my school website for you to learn. This is a never ending learning experience!

If I subscribe will I have access to the entire video library including PDF’s (tablatures) of the music?

Yes, your membership entitles you to exclusive access to the entire array of tools that will help you learn or improve your guitar playing skills.

Will I have to learn the music theory?

No, all you have to read is the guitar tabs. There is some basic music theory implemented into the learning system already so you will learn the theory subconsciously.

How much does the membership cost?

Please refer to our "Sign Up" page in order to see our current pricing information. Remember  that your membership entitles you to full access to new videos, tablatures, revisions, features, and  you also receive unlimited updates throughout the entire period of your membership.

What payment methods do you accept?

a) GPWebpay - 3D Secured  paygate ( for credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa)
b) PayPal

 What is the GP Webpay payment method?

It's an online payment gateway , which meets the latest standards of card associations – 3D secure. Customer can use it with confidence knowing that their card information will not be misused. For more info about it please visit:  http://www.gpwebpay.cz/en/Security

What do the small numbers mean in the "How To Play" tutorial videos?

Those numbers indicate the bars in the tab notation, which are currently being played in the tutorial.